Community Support

Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

Funding provided by: The Zidell Foundation 

Recognizing the high rates of chronic disease within the correctional system Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is leading the way addressing these diseases within the system by offering educational programming. Nutrition education made its way into CCCF due to a generous volunteers who started a vegetable gardening program. With an abundance of healthy and beautiful produce from their garden inmates and staff desired the know-how on cooking and using whole foods.

Since the Fall of 2014 The Food as Medicine institute has taught 6 Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) series, educating nearly 80 incarcerated women on how to adopt a more whole foods-based diet. The FAME curriculum at CCCF provides incarcerated women with basic nutrition education and equips them with the tools to overcome obstacles to eating healthy both while incarcerated and upon release. FAME has become a loved program at CCCF and there continues to be a list of over 100 women waiting to participate.

FAME not only provides nutrition and cooking education, it provides the women with tangible skills, such a team work, kitchen skills, and cooking experience. These skills have the opportunity to be extremely valuable upon release while the women reintegrate into society and the job force. Research has shown that there is a significant drop in recidivism when education programs are provided during incarceration.

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