Teach a Cooking Class in Charlee’s Kitchen

Thank you for your interest in instructing a cooking course at Charlee’s Kitchen. NUNM accept applications on a rolling basis. Please understand that for adequate planning and marketing, we may not be able to accommodate proposals with less than 12 week lead time.

Application Instructions

Cooking Class Title & Description Provide provide both a short title and a more descriptive title of your class.  An example:  “Teen Vegetarians” and “Teen Vegetarians: Healthy Cooking for Kids on the Go”. The description should be 3-5 sentences long, and include enticing adjectives, as would be used by NUNM to market the class to the public. Also include recipe titles. See our current classes for examples.

Recipes, Ingredients & Cooking Supplies Cooking courses at Charlee’s Kitchen can accommodate up to 20 participants. We ask that you provide detailed recipe(s) that you plan to prepare for a group of this size, including specific ingredients and amounts.

It is essential that you agree to purchase all new food items for your cooking class/demo and bring all ingredients to Charlee’s Kitchen. You will have access to bulk ingredients provided by Charlee’s Kitchen, such as oils, spices, and flours. NUNM requires that all food preparation must take place on site at Charlee’s Kitchen. Compensation for food purchases will be explained upon NUNM’s invitation for you to teach a cooking course.

Charlee’s Kitchen is well-stocked with cooking supplies. Unless you have a special need, the kitchen will most likely fulfill all your needs for meal preparation, demonstration, and a sit-down dinner. You will be responsible for following protocols to clean the kitchen both before and after your class.

Alcohol Use Alcohol may be served only in Charlee’s Kitchen for educational purposes. OLCC regulations require that you or your assistant must have a current alcohol server’s permit in order to serve alcohol. NUNM does not provide this service. Please let us know if you have any questions about alcohol use during a cooking class.

Cooking in Charlee’s Kitchen Demonstration/Cooking Instructor Application

Please complete the following application, be sure to include a current CV or resume that lists two professional references. An NUNM representative will contact you to follow up within two week of receiving your application.

*Indicates required.

Teaching Experience

Provide examples of your teaching experience. Include specific examples of teaching medium sized groups of 10-20 people, and of teaching cooking to others.

Short bio (upload file)

High-quality photo (upload file)

Course Logistics

Who is your audience? (check all that apply)*

 Adults Youth Moms Dads Families Special Diets Special Medical Conditions

Class Duration*

 1 Hour 1.5 Hours 2 Hours 2.5 Hours 3 Hours

Is this a single course, a repeating course, or a series?*

 Single Course Repeating Course Series

Preferred Day*

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Preferred Time*

 Morning Afternoon Evening

Preferred Season

 Fall Winter Spring Summer

Will you serve alcohol?

 Yes No

Do you meet OLCC compliance for alcohol service?

 Yes No


Provide detailed recipe/s you plan to prepare for up to 20 participants, include specific ingredients and amounts along with a 4-6 person serving conversions of the recipes. NUNM will copy these for participants’ use.

Detailed Recipes (upload a file)

4–6 Serving Size Version (upload a file)