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Confused about healthy eating?  Attend the Food as Medicine Symposium and listen to talks from noted physicians and nutrition experts on topics ranging from current nutrition trends to traditional knowledge on health eating.

Bob Moore 150x150 Food as Medicine SymposiumKeynote Speaker: Bob Moore

Whole Grains, Life Insurance You Eat

Bob Moore, owner of Bob’s Red Mill  presents the keynote address on whole grain nutrition, a topic for which he is a renowned leader.  His  authentic commitment to whole foods nutrition  is the reason so many quality grains are available in standard groceries across our nation.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and we couldn’t be prouder to feature his wisdom at our inaugural conference on Food as Medicine.

Naturopathic physicians Jessica Black,  Lisa Shaver and Bonnie Nedrow will offer health and medical insights to inflammatory foods, effects of cooking on the health of the food, the role of gluten in health and disease as well as how to strategize food choices for optimal health and to detoxify the body.

Chefs Abby Fammartino and Tressa Yellig will offer perspectives on the power of cooking from scratch and incorporating traditional foods such as bone broth into ones diet.

Lactation consultant Joanne Edwards will discuss the health benefits of breast milk in the development of an infant and safe alternatives when not available. Recipes will be provided by all speakers. Come and learn from the experts why food is medicine.


Lisa Shaver, ND, LAc: Celiac disease, Gluten-Free Nutrition and Avoiding “Junk” GF Foods
Bonnie Nedrow, ND: Foods that detoxify the body
Jessica Black, ND: Avoiding Inflammatory Foods and Cooking Methods
Chef Abby Fammartino: Inclusive Eating and the Food Experience
Chef Tressa Yellig: Healing Power of Bone Broth
Joanne Edwards, IBCLC: Breast Feeding: The Original Superfood
Denise Minger: Death by Food Pyramid