Banks – Jim’s Thriftway

Since 2012, we have worked with over 200 members in Banks, Oregon community. Each week as we introduce new food, recipes, and nutrition information, participants begin to incorporate changes in their daily lives. Participant’s enjoy the weekly classes; their involvement in the meal preparation and community gathering is enriching for all.

Beyond the benefits of sharing in community, many people have commented on personal changes in their food choices for the better. Changes in their health have also been shared including weight loss, improved mood and sleep, and increased energy. 

Jim’s Thriftway has been the central piece to the success of FAME classes. The store’s owners, Karen and Mark Ward, want to support the community and provide a healthier environment for all. Jim’s Thriftway has been amenable to customer requests and providing healthier options: from two varieties of kale, to gluten-free and “natural” products.  Our classes are changing the food culture of the individual, family, community, and grocery store.

Participants Receive

  • 90 minutes with a naturopathic physician or nutritionist each week.
  • The Food as Medicine Everyday, Reclaim your Health with Whole Foods book. Written by Dr. Julie Briley and Dr. Courtney Jackson
  • A whole foods based meal each week
  • BONUS! Free whole grains and legumes from Bob’s Red Mill.
  • Transform your eating habits in just 12 weeks!

This class is free to Banks’ residents and people from the surrounding area.

Classes & Location

Located in the United Methodist Church in Banks, Oregon

Winter FAME Dates: Tuesdays, January 10– March 21, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Spring FAME Dates: April–June (exact dates TBA)

To register: Contact Dr. Andrew Erlandsen with your name, contact info, and the number family members attending the class.