Kudos for FAME Cooking Classes

What our FAME participants say.

“The hands-on cooking experiences were the key link between theory and being motivated and confident in cooking more healthfully and consciously at home.”

“I really loved this class and thought it was a great value.  I tried so many things I never thought I would”

“Great price. Book and samples are great!”

“The shared group experience was so fun.”

“The location at the Research Center was great and the new kitchen was fun to work in”

“I’ve cooked since I was 10 for family and was unsure what I would learn, but I really took away so much each week. I am unsure of anything that could be better.”

“Thank you also for the grains from Bob’s- very generous!”

“The recipes are outstanding!”

“Very well-designed and presented program”

“The whole program went quickly and was well worth the price and time commitment.  Above all it was fun to work and learn and eat together.

“This class has such great value. Loved all the recipes, too!”