2019 Food as Medicine Symposium Speakers – Public Track


Sourcing Sustainable Proteins in a Green Washed World | Lyf Gildersleeve, Chief Fishmonger and Owner of Flying Fish Company

It is often challenging to navigate sourcing sustainable proteins with so many tag words, slogans, unverified and false representations by organizations claiming to be your source for healthy meats and seafood. Who should you trust? Is the information presented accurate and true? What are the right questions to ask? Lyf Gildersleeve will help you to navigate what is actually sustainable seafood and pasture raised meat. He will explore what CSF, CSA, fair trade, pasture raised, grass-fed, free range, and local all really mean.  He’ll discuss what products are the most nutritious and what typically has preservatives, additives, hormones, or antibiotics.

Lyf Gildersleeve is a second generation fish monger with significant aquaculture and aquaponics experience and education. He actively promotes and protects sustainable use of our seafood resources aligning with the most sustainable fishermen, foragers, and farmers in the Northwest.  He owns Flying Fish Company, a retail fish market, meat market, and oyster bar in Portland, Oregon.  From developing lasting relationships with eco-conscience producers to early adoption and operation of sustainable aquaculture and aquaponics practices, his relationships with ecological concerns, sustaining family businesses, educating the public, advocating for national fisheries policy, and building a successful retail business place him in the forefront of a new generation of highly motivated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and forward looking entrepreneurs.