2017 Food As Medicine Symposium

This year’s symposium focused on the intricacies of fermentation, autoimmunity, food allergies and the microbiome.

Whether you are a practicing physician, nurse practitioner, nutritionist, or health coach, you would have walked away with a stronger understanding of the application of therapeutic diets specifically on the topic of the gut-microbiome and nutrition.

Professional Track

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  • Fermented Foods and Human Health | Sandor Ellix Katz
  • Autoimmunity: Explorations in Immunometabolism | Alena Guggenheim, ND
  • Clinical Use of Probiotics: Where the Rubber Meets the Road | Robert Martindale, MD, PhD
  • Immune Modulation and Essential Nutrients
    from Infancy to Adolescence
    | Carolyn Nygaard, ND
  • Rejoining the Wild, Food, Poop and Worms
    in the World of IBD
    | Mark Davis, ND
  • Exploration of the Gut-Skin Axis: The Role of the Microbiome, Lipidome and Nutrition | Raja Sivamani, MD, MS, CAT
  • The Role of Therapeutic Diets in the Primary Care Setting | Greg Nigh, ND
  • Feed your Critters Right and Your Vitality Will Bloom | Satya Ambrose, ND, LAc
  • Updates in Clinical and Community Nutrition Research | Kim Tippens, ND, MS, MPH

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Public Track

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  • The Art of Fermentation | Sandor Ellix Katz
  • Optimizing Nutrient Absorption: The Key to a Healthier You! | Julie Briley, ND, and Courtney Jackson, ND
  • Little Known Questions to Ask Your Farmer | Elizabeth Boggs, RN, NTP, Certified Fermentationist
  • Culinary Herbs for Digestive Health | Orna Izakson, ND, RH (AHG)