Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME)

The FAME series is a 12 week hands-on cooking and nutrition program. Through this series we have worked with hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds. We have found that all of our participants begin our series with a similar level of nutrition knowledge.

The goal of the FAME series is to help communities adopt a more whole-foods based diet by providing them with basic nutrition education and giving them the tools to overcome the many obstacles to eating healthy in today’s society.

Our program is founded on the idea that it takes three months (12-weeks) to empower individuals, families, and communities to make lasting and sustainable dietary changes. Within all of the communities we have worked we have seen impressive changes take place in the lives of our participants in just three months.

The FAME Series Guiding Principles:

  • Promote whole and low process foods
  • Encourage a diverse and primarily plant based diet
  • Include food from healthy animals
  • Promote anti-inflammatory food choices
  • Recognize that individuals have unique food needs
  • Care about food and its sources

The majority of our workshops are offered at no costs to community members who otherwise may not be able to access the information due financials challenges; in addition, we have a fee for service workshop at Charlee’s Kitchen located at NUNM- click here to register.