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Dr. Andrew Erlandsen

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Andrew Erlandsen, ND, is the primary contact for the Food as Medicine Institute.

Dr. Erlandsen earned his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine (now National University of Natural Medicine – NUNM) in Portland, Oregon.  In 2013, Dr. Erlandsen worked on a team to develop NUNM’s Master of Science in Nutrition (MScN) degree and is currently the Chair of the program.  As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Erlandsen teaches a variety of nutrition courses in all of the academic programs at NUNM. He also teaches courses in clinical research and mentors students on their thesis projects.  Dr. Erlandsen is currently working with a research team examining the effects of the ketogenic diet in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Erlandsen leads community-based nutrition and cooking workshops as part of the Food As Medicine Institute (FAMI).  Since 2012, he has been teaching the Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) series in Banks, Oregon, reaching over 100 community members.

Prior to NUNM, Dr. Erlandsen earned his degree summa cum laude in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Maine.  With over 10 years of food service experience, cooking and managing restaurant kitchens, he has a true passion for food, nutrition, and using food as medicine. You can contact Dr. Erlandsen at


Julie Marks, MScN

Julie Marks, MScN, is a trained Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) Educator who teaches in an adjunct faculty position for the Food as Medicine Institute and in the nutrition program at the National University of Natural Medicine. You might recognize her from the recipe videos in the Online FAME Series!  She earned her Master of Science in Nutrition from the National College of Natural Medicine (now National University of Natural Medicine) in 2015.

Julie also works as adjunct faculty in Portland Community College’s online functional nutrition program and is the nutritionist/owner of Jam Nutrition in Portland, Oregon. Julie specializes in teaching diet therapies and cooking workshops for conditions such as SIBO, IBS, gallbladder conditions, Celiac Disease as well as other autoimmune conditions, and cardiovascular health.



julie_briley_2014_webDr. Julie Briley

Dr. Julie Briley is a naturopathic doctor and a founding physician of the Food as Medicine Institute (FAMI). She is also an adjunct faculty member in the Master of Science in Nutrition program at NUNM, co-teaching the Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) Educator Training Program.

As of 2018, Dr. Briley’s only active work with FAMI is teaching the FAME Educator Training Program, passing on her wealth of knowledge as a co-creator of the Food as Medicine Institute and the FAME series.  Now she focuses primarily on her private clinical practice.

At her private practice at Asula Wellness Center in downtown Portland, Dr. Briley focuses on identifying food sensitivities, optimizing digestive health, balancing hormones, and the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Dr. Briley received her doctorate degree at National College of Natural Medicine (now National University of Natural Medicine) and her Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Briley are authors of Food as Medicine Everyday, Reclaim your Health with Whole Foods.

FAME Educators

Our FAME Educators are health professionals trained in the Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) curriculum and have either worked with FAMI in the past, or are currently teaching the FAME series in their own communities. Please click here to see our list of FAME Educators. (COVID-19 Update: this list will be updated once FAME Educators are able to safely teach classes again following the COVID-19 pandemic.)

For more information on how to become a FAME Educator, please visit our FAME Educator Training Program page or contact Dr. Erlandsen at