2016 Food as Medicine Symposium

At our 3rd annual Food as Medicine Symposium experts discussed the metabolic effects of therapeutic diets and traditional foods and why and how they should be prescribed. See below for details and recordings for purchase!

Professional Track

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  • Fat Soluble Nutrients for Gut & Brain Health | Sally Fallon-Morrell, MA
  • Maternal Diet and Body Type Influence the Risk of Disease in Offspring through Epigenetics | Kent Thornburg, PhD
  • Eating for Arthritis: Food is Your Most Powerful Tool for Pain Relief | Tyna Moore, ND, DC
  • Medicinal Properties of Culinary Herbs | Glen Nagel, ND
  • Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics in Personalized Nutrition | Deanna Minich, PhD
  • Food Allergies and Mental Health | Elissa Mendenhall, ND & Heather Schrock, NTP
  • State of Science on Fat and Metabolic Disease | Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH
  • Dietary Influences on the Human Microbiome and Health Consequences | Chris Meletis, ND

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Public Track

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  • Nourishing Traditional Diets – The Key to Vibrant Health | Sally Fallon-Morrell, MA
  • Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimal Health | Jo Robinson
  • Photonic Nutrition: In-lightened Eating in the 21st Century | Deanna Minich, PhD

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