FAME Educator Training Program

The Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) Educator Training Program prepares healthcare professionals to implement a 12-week community-based nutrition program in their community.  This series is called the Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) series and focuses on whole foods, community-based nutrition. Those eligible to be FAME Educators are licensed naturopathic physicians, masters of science in nutrition practitioners, as well as other healthcare providers vetted and approved by the Food As Medicine Institute (FAMI). The FAME Educator Training Program is not designed for community members and does not teach a foundation in nutrition science. The training is for qualified health professionals to learn to teach the FAME series in their own communities.

This training program is designed to spread the reach of the FAME series beyond those classes taught by FAMI; thereby making whole foods nutrition more accessible.

The FAME Educator Training is currently offered only online and includes the following:

  • Introduction to FAME:  FAME history, guiding principles, and nutritional philosophy
  • Location development
  • Program evaluation and research
  • FAME costs, pricing, and marketing
  • FAME Curriculum training
  • FAME Educator trainee competency development
  • Training materials
  • 13 CEU’s through OBNM for Naturopathic physicians

After completion of the program, FAME Educators will be prepared to implement the FAME series in their own community. Click here to see all of our independent FAME Educators and where they are teaching the Food as Medicine Everyday series.

Our next training dates are TBD.  Check back for more info.

You can view testimonies from a previous FAME Educator Training here!

Email Dr. Andy Erlandsen at aerlandsen@nunm.edu with any questions and to confirm qualifications before registering.