Charlee’s Kitchen

Interested in learning to cook healthy, whole foods? Come cook with us at Charlee’s Kitchen!

FAME Charlee’s Kitchen is a 12 week series which include 90 minutes of nutrition education and hands-on cooking. Each week our naturopathic physicians or nutritionists share their in-depth knowledge around chronic disease, wellness, and nutrition. FAME Charlie’s Kitchen can serve those looking for an introduction to cooking and eating whole foods and those looking for a deeper understanding  about the health benefits of a whole foods based diet.

Regardless of age, cooking experience, or health status, you and your whole family will benefit from learning healthy cooking skills and nutritional know-how. Each workshop will welcome up to 15–20 participants, both children and adults.

Located in Charlee’s Kitchen on the NUNM campus near downtown Portland.

Register here for our Fall 2017 Series beginning Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017.