FAME Educator Training Testimonies


“The FAME Educator Training was so valuable to round out my master’s studies. The materials were so well organized and the lessons were broken down in clear instructions that essentially guarantee my success in the community.” – Kelly


“So much valuable information delivered in a fun and engaging way. This training is definitely needed to be able to teach the FAME curriculum and is a great opportunity to connect with other nutritionists to discuss community nutrition education.” – Allyson


“This experience has far surpassed my expectations. I feel more nutritionally energized and cannot wait to bring what I have learned back to the community. Thank you!” – Crystal


“I feel very prepared to lead a FAME workshop out in the community, and I’m buzzing with excitement to get started!” – Shannon


“The FAME Educator Training is essential to feel prepared and confident to teach the FAME series. After taking this training, I am excited to go out into the world and spread the Food as Medicine philosophy!” – Sam


“Great workshop — Well organized and full of information. Kept me fully engaged the whole time.” – Kristin.